Never Too Old

I know that we are well past Easter, but I have something to say. You are never too old to receive an Easter basket from your mom. She has never bought a premade basket. Instead, she does them all herself. I am 19 years old still expecting an Easter basket. I have two big brothers, one age of 25 and one going on age 24, they even still get Easter baskets. Well, my 24, well 23-year-old brother did not get one this year. He probably won’t get one anymore since he is now married, so I guess that’s his wife’s job now. My dad even gets one. It is the thought that counts. I did not get to enjoy eating my candy though. I made a mistake and brought my Easter basket back to Russellville with me. All I wanted was my chocolate Easter egg made from the Reeses brand. Like they only come around ONCE a year! Needless to say, my friend ate all of those up for me. I hope you enjoyed them.



I Do Hair

If you are a girl and you do not know how to do your own hair I kind of feel sad for you. Because when you have a daughter who is going to do their hair unless you want to pay to get their hair done every single time they need their hair done. I’m not about to pay a beautician every single time when I can just simply learn myself. My brother is a beautician so of course I kind of had to learn how to do my own hair. Watching him do here I was still learning how to do here and I did not realize how good I was until I tried to do it myself. I do know how to do sew ins, make wigs and I am learning how to do Marley braids. I want to do a vixen sew in on someone. I can also do the basic things such as curling hair, rolling here, pulling it back in a ponytail, etc. I don’t charge much at all either and if I like you, you get a discount. But as far as going into a business of doing hair, that’s not the route that I want to go. I will keep it as my side hustle, well one of them.



It’s Time to Let Go


I just cannot seem to understand some people’s fashion sense. Like, obviously if it does not fit why are you still trying to squeeze anyways? We all know the saying, “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.” Some people clearly need to learn and understand that. That goes for you as well when your feet are clearly hanging over your shoes. Like, when you are not having the proper shoes on to support the rest of your body that could really do bad to your body. You need to have a supportive shoe so the rest of your body can be supported.

Movement To Overcome


I honestly feel that my history was very and still is very significant today. Seeing everything that my people had to go through gives me so much motivation to make sure everything that they fought for is still being active today. Meaning that they didn’t fight for nothing. Although I feel a lot of people have blocked out certain parts of history, You can’t change the past. I wish schools took out more time to teach students about things in history other then Paul Revere, the presidents, and who created the lightbulb. The only time teachers teach on black history is in February. All we hear about in February is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Yet throughout the year all we hear about is how black history is only slavery. My thing is, we have so many other significant leaders, activists, and goals that we’ve accomplished other than what is taught.

Cruise Control


Shout out to my mom for telling me about cruise control. Ever since she told me about it I cannot keep this off of my dashboard. I think that’s why I like to drive back and forth on the highway at night. I can cut on cruise control when there is not heavy traffic. Whoever invented cruise control I applaud you and I thank you. I mean yeah you do still have to pay attention to the road, but at least you can let your legs rest and let them stretch it out. they should come up with something where you can actually be able to rest by having automatic sensors to since vehicles in front of them, beside them, and behind them. But then again, that could be all types of bad so never mind.

Over Arkansas

Arkansas is such a dull and boring place. The only thing that I enjoy about Arkansas is that the weather is not crazy here like it is in other states for example hurricanes. I mean yeah it’ll be winter in the summer and fall in the spring but is not anything life-threatening as it is in other states. But it’s goals that I want to achieve with in my career of public relations. I can’t get as far as I am wanting to in Arkansas. So if I were to move it would be to Los Angeles, California or Atlanta, Georgia. I just really have to get over that weather in other states. But for now as long as I am in Arkansas, when I officially graduate from college, I do not plan to stay in Russellville. I would at least move to Maumelle.


Call Me Cheap

So is Coach really out of style? My friend told me that coach is so 2002 since I just got me a Coach wristlet the other day.  It cost $34 without tax but I only payed 10 and my mom paid the rest. I’m not into all of the purses wallets in things like that. And I was with my mom and my two cousins when they had bought their purses and wallets. I was not going to buy anything because I did not feel it was necessary. I did need a new wallet but I refuse to pay money like that on one. Usually if I spend money like that on something, it is going to be something I really love and care for; I like to make investments, for example shoes. I am very girly but I am also cheap at the same time. You will see me pay $70 for a pair of Nike tennis shoes but Roshe only, before a name brand purse. I do not care how good of a deal it is on the person unless it’s under $30 and name brand at the same time, you will not see me buying it especially with my own money . I carry purses yes but I wear shoes a lot more.


Toilet Chronicles…

I have such a weak bladder. It’s like every 30 minutes I have to pee all of a sudden. And if it is not that then I have to go number two. I really believe that I do number two more than the average person. Because I can do that maybe four or five times a day. Where as most people that I know go once a day. But science proves that when you are very regular it is good. Maybe I did exaggerate a bit with saying 4 to 5 times a day but at least three maybe even two. But hey when you got to go you got to go. It is not like five minutes or 10 minutes but usually 20 to 25. You have to make sure you get it all out. I actually do my best thinking in the bathroom.


Let’s Go

I finally decided to get up and get out of the bed. And of course I have no gas. Now I have to spend money on dinner and put gas in my gas tank. I hate spending money but this is a necessity so it’s what I have to do. I could always call my dad and tell him I need gas money to put gas in my car, but I don’t want to do that because that is too much work. I would rather go ahead and put it in myself and get over it. It’s like you want to do adult things until you have to do adult things. I would rather not put my gas tank level Picture on here because it is already embarrassing enough but here’s a picture of the darkness inside of my car.


Never Forget

imageI will never forget the time when my brother almost died. We pulled up to the scene and that’s probably the moment reality hit. Like he could have been gone but by the grace of God he is still here. Well what happened was, he was driving on the freeway on his way to work, and he started seeing blue smoke pumping out from the exhaust. Had it of been me driving, I probably would not have pulled over like my brother need to do. I know about cars but I don’t know that much about them. As soon as he pulled over and got out the car, shut the door, he took two steps and the next thing you know is that his car sets on fire. So a word of advice, when you notice your car doing something that it is not supposed to do pullover and get out. He loved that Fiero.