Lets Get It!!

I swear I always wake up early when I have nothing to do. But let me have a 8 o’clock or a 9 o’clock class in I’ll be sleep till 10 o’clock. I pray that I never will have to have an 8 o’clock class because I’m horrible about getting up in the morning when I have to. it’s weird though I honestly wake up at the same exact time every single day just like my brother it’s 7:13 AM, 8:37 AM, or 920 something. It’s like a set schedule and it’s so easy to get out a bed but like I said, when you have something to do you never want to get out the bed especially if it’s something you don’t care to do. But, since I am up, and up early, before I get started on any homework I’m going to take this time out to get the songs together for service on this Sunday. Have a great day!



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