I Do Hair

If you are a girl and you do not know how to do your own hair I kind of feel sad for you. Because when you have a daughter who is going to do their hair unless you want to pay to get their hair done every single time they need their hair done. I’m not about to pay a beautician every single time when I can just simply learn myself. My brother is a beautician so of course I kind of had to learn how to do my own hair. Watching him do here I was still learning how to do here and I did not realize how good I was until I tried to do it myself. I do know how to do sew ins, make wigs and I am learning how to do Marley braids. I want to do a vixen sew in on someone. I can also do the basic things such as curling hair, rolling here, pulling it back in a ponytail, etc. I don’t charge much at all either and if I like you, you get a discount. But as far as going into a business of doing hair, that’s not the route that I want to go. I will keep it as my side hustle, well one of them.




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