Dude Funny!

To weeks ago, well I think it was two weeks ago, we had Tech’s Got Talent finals at Arkansas Tech. This time they did it differently. They actually brought in a host who was Ronnie Jordan. I have never heard of this guy in my life but when I say that he had me crying on the floor laughing, he had me crying on the floor laughing. If ATU were to keep bringing people like him in to events that they host on campus, I strongly feel and believe that students will actually participate and want to go to things. But this guy I would not mind paying to see him live. Me paying is a big deal because I am probably one of the cheapest people on this art. I don’t believe in spending money and less I really have to or really want to. The best line of that night was when he was talking about skinny people having problems with fat people. He said and I quote “Well I’m sorry that my big ass was ruining your skinny damn evening.” I need to watch some of his stand ups.



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