Call Me Cheap

So is Coach really out of style? My friend told me that coach is so 2002 since I just got me a Coach wristlet the other day.  It cost $34 without tax but I only payed 10 and my mom paid the rest. I’m not into all of the purses wallets in things like that. And I was with my mom and my two cousins when they had bought their purses and wallets. I was not going to buy anything because I did not feel it was necessary. I did need a new wallet but I refuse to pay money like that on one. Usually if I spend money like that on something, it is going to be something I really love and care for; I like to make investments, for example shoes. I am very girly but I am also cheap at the same time. You will see me pay $70 for a pair of Nike tennis shoes but Roshe only, before a name brand purse. I do not care how good of a deal it is on the person unless it’s under $30 and name brand at the same time, you will not see me buying it especially with my own money . I carry purses yes but I wear shoes a lot more.



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