Stacey Dash Say Whaaaaaaaaa….??

“There shouldn’t be a Black History Month nor BET” said Stacey Dash

stacey-dash-wants-to-cancel-bet-black-history-month-leadStacey Dash felt the need to speak against thoughts and feelings on boycotting this years Oscars.  She makes a comment how there should be no BET or Black History Month. Now I do not pay attention to the Oscars so I am not keeping track of what has been going on. But, hearing the statement about how there should be no Black History Month made her sound silly.  Sure, take away the ONE time of year that us African Americans are able to learn about our history other than the fact we were slaves or how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are our only important leaders. Because in reality, according to our school system, this is all that happened in black history. Blacks didn’t have any achievement or no more than two people caring for progress. So Black History Month is an issue? Really? @StaceyDash I’m sure if it were a Black History Week, it would be a huge problem too huh? And this is where I sip my tea. Then the purpose of getting rid of BET, why? Is it because it is called Black Entertainment Television? Don’t forget Stacey, BET is owned by a white company. If that causes an issue, we should get rid of the OWN network too since that is only black shows being televised too huh? I’m pretty sure you don’t want it with Oprah though. BET responds



Why Black History Month?

  • Shows respect to a great number of leaders
  • Highlights highs and lows of this culture
  • Awareness

Who Started the Foolery? 

So there has been a big fuss about the Oscars being “racists” since no African Americans were nominated and actors did not seem to understand how recent movies that came out had large numbers such as Straight Outta Compton, Creed (Michael B. Jordan), and Concussion (Will Smith) but didn’t get nominated at the least for the second year in a row. Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee’s frustration and their move to boycott this years Oscars.




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