The Wiz Live “Racists?”

This is getting on my nerves. It’s JUST a remake of the FIRST all black production of The Wiz which was just a different version of The Wizard of Oz!   There is no way to support your argument that this production is racist! If that’s the case, The Wizard of Oz…the ORIGINAL cast was all white, so does that make that production racist? *crickets* Just because you have an “all black cast” an “all Asian cast” hell an “all blue cast” does NOT make it racist LORD just give it up! Lol smh. All I see is “where are the white people.” Okay if that’s the case, where are the Asian people? Where are the Indian people? Yaddah yaddah. And then gone say some “#whitelivesmatter” hold up….wait a minute…..what happened to #AllLivesMatter? *sips tea* Too many double standards for me. image





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