Smoking Is Gross

I am NOT a fan of smoking. I do not care if it is cigarettes or if it is weed. Smoking all together is just nasty! I am the only one out of all of my friends who has not tried it or smokes in general. I don’t understand why people smoke cigarettes. It causes some much damage to your body It is sad to say but I have yet to run into someone worth making a friend out of that does not smoke weed. I just don’t want to smell that and be around that all the time. Especially for guys that is a major turn off! You could be the finest most loving thing I have ever seen, but that smoking has to go or I go. It is hard meeting a decent guy that is not into all of that stuff though. People say weed doesn’t do anything you. Little did they know People say, well just try it, it’s not that bad. If I can barely handle second hand smoke what makes you think I can handle first hand?



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