Damgoode Pies

imageDamgoode pies is a place located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It only has 6 locations: http://www.damgoodepies.com/damgoode-locations.html I visited the one that was downtown and the night that I happened to go, it was karaokee night. They do it every Friday. I wanted to get up and sing but I said I’ll just come back next time. I can honestly say that that place is a great hangout with your best buds. I never realized it was a pizza place though until I read all of the sign. At first, I thought it was like some pie place. But the pies they referred to was pizzas. Easy misunderstading though! Have you ever heard of Sweetie Pies? http://.cosweetiepieskitchenm Well it’s a soul food place. See how misleading something can be?



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