Sleep or Else!

I have been trying to roll out of this bed since 8 o’clock. It’s now 9:12. Clearly, 8 o’clock didn’t work out too well for me. I finally fell asleep at 4 this morning. I definitely did not get my full 8 hours of sleep! The whole 8 hours will get you right for the day I am also starving right now but guess what I don’t have….FOOD! I feel like my stomach is eating itself because I am just so freakin hungry! I’m not usually a breakfast person but I didn’t really eat dinner last night so it rolled over. Apparently it is very important to have breakfast in the morning for you function properly amongst other things during your day. I usually don’t have time to eat breakfast or I’m just not hungry yet. At one point I called myself dieting by skipping breakfast but little did I know that doing that was not healthy according to So remember, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. image


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