The Wiz Live “Racists?”

This is getting on my nerves. It’s JUST a remake of the FIRST all black production of The Wiz which was just a different version of The Wizard of Oz!   There is no way to support your argument that this production is racist! If that’s the case, The Wizard of Oz…the ORIGINAL cast was all white, so does that make that production racist? *crickets* Just because you have an “all black cast” an “all Asian cast” hell an “all blue cast” does NOT make it racist LORD just give it up! Lol smh. All I see is “where are the white people.” Okay if that’s the case, where are the Asian people? Where are the Indian people? Yaddah yaddah. And then gone say some “#whitelivesmatter” hold up….wait a minute…..what happened to #AllLivesMatter? *sips tea* Too many double standards for me. image





Have Pride In Hygiene

i do not see why people think it is okay to not keep yourself groomed at all times. For example, if you are going to have your feet out, please make sure that them toes are groomed! It is a lot of negative affects that comes from bad hygiene If you just absolutely do not care about your hygiene then I feel sorry for you! Just nasty! But if you just do not know what having good hygiene is and what it consist of, check out this guide! Trust me, having good hygiene is one of the best ways to live!




Soap Operas

imageAm I really old for watching soap operas? I grew up watching them with my mom and now I’m hooked. I do not watch them all though. Like The Young & the Restless or The Bold and The Beautiful, yeah, don’t really watch those. I really only watched One Life To Live which got CANCELED!! I still din’t get why it got canceled. All My Children was canceled along with it, but I didn’t really care for that show too much. A lot of the OLTL cast went to General Hospital which is the only reason why I started watching them. Even though there is now only one cast member left on GH since the others are now gone, I still watch it. So if you are a GH and behind on some episodes, check out these updates and get caught up


imageBefore I am completely done with my college life I really want to go to an HBCU. An HBCU is a Historically Black College and University. Ever since I watched A Diiferent World when I was little I love that TV show and I still watch it today. So if I want to attend one, why don’t I just go ahead and go? Well, I feel since I’ve started here, transferring may put me behind some. One thing I love about HBCU’s are the bands! The bands are always the! Especially UAPB! I love the drumline and the drum majors! I am never disappointed by a performance!

Damgoode Pies

imageDamgoode pies is a place located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It only has 6 locations: I visited the one that was downtown and the night that I happened to go, it was karaokee night. They do it every Friday. I wanted to get up and sing but I said I’ll just come back next time. I can honestly say that that place is a great hangout with your best buds. I never realized it was a pizza place though until I read all of the sign. At first, I thought it was like some pie place. But the pies they referred to was pizzas. Easy misunderstading though! Have you ever heard of Sweetie Pies? http://.cosweetiepieskitchenm Well it’s a soul food place. See how misleading something can be?


Smoking Is Gross

I am NOT a fan of smoking. I do not care if it is cigarettes or if it is weed. Smoking all together is just nasty! I am the only one out of all of my friends who has not tried it or smokes in general. I don’t understand why people smoke cigarettes. It causes some much damage to your body It is sad to say but I have yet to run into someone worth making a friend out of that does not smoke weed. I just don’t want to smell that and be around that all the time. Especially for guys that is a major turn off! You could be the finest most loving thing I have ever seen, but that smoking has to go or I go. It is hard meeting a decent guy that is not into all of that stuff though. People say weed doesn’t do anything you. Little did they know People say, well just try it, it’s not that bad. If I can barely handle second hand smoke what makes you think I can handle first hand?


Control Them Lips

imageIn the winter time, my lips will get extremely why. I am sure it is probably like that for most people. I don’t like any dry chapped lips. So I use Blistex! To me that’s the best brand to use and here is why: I do use something different for fever blisters though. When ever I get one of those I always use my good ol’ carmex. But using it as a moisturizer is a deffinate no! For one it dries out your lips amongst some more. So if you are expecting for smooth and moisturized lips, you won’t really get that from Carmex. It just cause too many issues for me and clearly many others as well



imageI’ve only stayed in a dorm for one semester. That was my first semester of college actually. I had a roommate so no late night visits from friends or walking around naked if I wanted. I stayed in the M Street dorm This was the newest most hype dorm. I was bored that whole entire semester. Since my second semester if school, I have been living in an apartment and I do not plan on that changing any time soon. I love Vista. I feel free and more mature in a way.  No roommates, but house mates, well of course. Then they actually put on things down by the clubhouse and host movies nights, food nights, and the best part is when they give away free stuff! Best decision EVER! I just hate there is no elevator. Yeah….call me lazy I don’t care.

Views From the Six

imageI’ve been in college for a year and a half now. I like it, I guess. Sometimes I feel I should have chosen a different school other than Arkansas Tech. I really wanted to go to the University of Memphis! I LOVE that school! The expense was just too much for me. Then on top of that, you have to pay no nonrefundable $35 application fee. Like what if I don’t get accepted? I aint donating no $35 to them if they feel like they can’t accept me into their school. Petty but oh well. Arkansas Tech aint bad though. I just get bored here

Watch Out Janet

I’m doing my online work for this class I am in and in my book is and image of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson when one of her boobs popped out in her performance. Now I know we all remember that. I don’t see how you can forget it!? My thing is, people were talking crap about her behind it like she did it on purpose. Like COME ON PEOPLE it was a wardrobe malfunction. But overall it was a very great performance! Janet is still doing her music thing and she is also still doing her actung thing as well.