Typical Girl

Alright one thing about me is that I LOVE to smell good! I have a major addiction to fragrences. I mean, is that not a typical girl thing? I just love smelling good, can you blame me? I may have more fragrances than the average girl but I mean I still smell good at the end of the day so I don’t mind. I don’t like just any fragrance though. I like the ones that are long lasting like the ones here in this link:http://perfumes.allwomenstalk.com/make-your-perfume-last-by-spraying-it-on-these-spots .  I feel so much power is in my hands when I have my perfume on. No matter where you are, you walk by someone that is paying a attention or not, it catches their attention. When you pass by, your odor will turn heads. So if that’s the case, why not have a sweet and sexy odor to direct their attention to? It says that your fragrance can attract the opposite sex in this link http://gurumagazine.org/askaguru/culture/perfumes-really-attract-opposite-sex/ .




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