I Miss the 90s!

Ever think back about the things we had in our childhood? Well I do all the time when a new gadget comes out or I see kids acting a fool. I miss the 90’s man! Back then was great! I did not have to worry about what I’m cooking for dinner, heavy homework loads, or having to go to work all day. If I could revisit my childhood I would but no longer than for a day. I like independcey more. But what we had back then gave us LIFE! I mean we had gameboys, pacman was MAJOR and hide and seek….do kids even play hide and seek anymore? Hell, do they even still play outside? I was at my parents house and I came across a nesquik can so all of these childhood memories of mine started rushing back. I promise myself this though, when I have kids, they WILL have a REAL childhood rather than just chilling on technology. I hated when a lot of the good stuff got discontinued http://m.ranker.com/list/the-greatest-discontinued-1990s-foods-and-beverages/brian-gilmore?format=SLIDESHOW&page=1  The shows during this time were the best as well http://www.listchallenges.com/90-kids-television-shows-from-the-




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