The Keys of Love

I bet you can’t WAIT to read about the keys of love. Here is the catch; this blog has nothing to do with what it takes to love. This is about my passion for the piano. You have already started reading my post so you might as well continue it on out. I’ve had a passion for the piano for about 8 years now. I basically taught myself how to play and I’m still in the process of learning. It’s something about the piano tunes that takes me to a different place. It’s relaxing and it has such a sexy tone to it, and I don’t even SAY the word sexy.  So if I say something is sexy it really must be sexy. The black keys are my faviorite to play. Not sure why, but it is. Looking for an instrument to play? Go ahead and try out piano, it is not as hard as you may think. One of my favorite songs to play is Read  All About It by Emeli Sande






Now we all know Raven Symone. If you watched That’s So Raven, The Cheetah Girls, and The Cosby Show, YOU KNOW HER! I always felt I was Raven’s number 1 fan when I was a little girl. I tried to have “visions” and I even tried to put together a singing group lol. Clearly I was team Raven. But now? I really want to go right up to her and say “SHUTUP! You…….are……..BLACK! Deal with it!” If you have been keeping up with Raven on The View and interviews she has recently done, you will hear the pure stupidity that comes out of her mouth. imageRaven refuses to call herself black. She actually had the nerve to say she is dark white. Like what the hell!? What is dark white? Dude making up races in her head. So her mom is black, her dad is black, but she is dark white? Aw okay Raven, that’s the result you get. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say I don’t like Raven, but I will say if she is going to say dumb things, I wish she would keep her mouth shut. I’m sure back then if she were to say she wasn’t black but “dark white” we would have had a BLACK girl to play that black role. She talks about how she won’t hire someone with ghetto names or how she has a girlfriend but she isn’t gay.  BRUUUHHHHH……do you hear what comes out your mouth? Point blank period, Raven need to take a seat, SEVERAL seats at that.

Some of Raven’s TV Appearances:

  • The Cosby Show (BLACK)
  • The Cheetah Girls (Hispanic and BLACK)
  • College Road Trip (BLACK)
  • Dr. Dolittle 1 & 2 (BLACK)



What Music Can REALLY Do for YOU!

So I’m in the mood to talk about whatever comes into this mind of mine. Have you ever heard anyone say that music is life? Have you ever heard them say music makes life easier? Have you ever heard anyone say that music is the BEST way to express yourself? Well I have and it is so true, for the most part. Sometimes we just can’t explain to someone how we feel about them because our feelings are just so deep and it would be so hard to say. Music is a huge mood changer! Well it is for me at least. When I have my music on, prepare for my mood to change in any second if I have my playlist on shuffle! But if you pay attention very closely to the music someone listens to it and how they vibe with it, you can determine there mood in SECONDS!



Life Got Me Like…..😩

Lord Jesus it has been too long! I am beyond pooped! I have been so busy these past two weeks. I feel like I have had a total of about 24 hours of sleep. Between going to school fulk time, having meetings, rehersals and not to mention my part time job that feels like s full time job at Cato Fashions, I am burned ALL the way out. So looking forward to my three off days coming up. Good thing I don’t have any heavy homework workloads or I’d be even more than behind than I am right now but one thing I know for sure is to push thru No matter how stressful it could get.



A Road To Success…..

Minor setbacks happen. But just because you have a setback doesn’t mean you have to stay back. Know God, keep faith, and push thru. Three important aspects that back your belief in knowing that you WILL be great and that you WILL do great things. Others will give up on you but as long as you don’t give up on yourself THEY don’t matter. Sometimes we let them discourage us which can happen. But as long as we remember to remind ourselves of the things we know we are capable of doing, that discouragement we allowed to take over WILL indeed fade away. Know God, and believe in Him in what he can and WILL do




My Trip to the “rain forest”

Okay, so I didn’t go to a rain forest. BUT, I did go to an aquarium in New Orleans. utm_source=googleppc&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=family-attractions&gclid=CO7au9GTvMgCFQwzaQod1vIJ8Q  It was pretty cool I guess. It wasn’t wirth paying about $30, or $40 for a tickect for though. I don’t remember the exact price. I just know it was expensive and I didn’t pay for it. I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy it but I could’ve stayed in our hotel room and googled sharks, turtles, sting rays, etc. This was a family trip by the way and it was the clisest thing my mom had to getting to a beach this past summer so we all suffered, but with her money😉




Haircut or Nah?

What’s up everybody! Long time no blog right! So I’m laying in my bed thinking about everything like usual. The thought of cutting my hair just crossed my mind. But then I realized that I shall never put another pair of scissors to this head again! My last haircut I was supposed to get SIMPLE……TRIM. I walked in the beauty shop with hair on my back to hair at the top of my neck. I litterally had NO hang time. It’s slowly growing back though. I have something to shake again. I mean, I’ve always heard the more you cut you hair the quicker it’ll grow.  Then, I learned otherwise.





So blog, one thing I love to do is perform. One of the ways I love performing is through song. When I have the mic in hand, I feel so powerful. I have come such a long way from being afraid of the mic to being behind it. I love singing! It’s one of my greatest passions. I know I have room for improvement and I am fine with that. I used to pass up so many opportunites which is not good to do when you know you love something. The more you pass up the doors God has opened for you, the higher chance of him removing that gift from you.  So because of me actually showing that I use my gift, I have been able to do many things with it. I used to sing the Star Spangled Banner at my high school basketball games. Last year and this past August, I was able to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Dickey Stephens Baseball Park for the Travelers Game. I have a link to the video below so tell me what you think!  Anytime anywhere I sing I always get so nervous and I can hear it but no one else ever seems to. I guess I have a good way of covering it up. Just remember, if you love something stay TRUE to it and do NOT sell yourself short✨