College Made Me Cook

So blog, I think to myself every time I cook and it’s always the same thought that crosses my mind. Lets just say if I don’t learn anything else in college, I’ve learned how to cook. I am not an on-campus student so I have a stove I am paying for, so why not use it? Yeah, I can always just get a meal plan but it’s always the same food. It’s pointless to eat the same stuff every day, when I know my way around the kitchen. Here’s how I see it; Come to college, pay $6,000 for classes, useless textbooks, room & board, not learn anything special that I don’t already know, but better my skills in the kitchen. I can get cooking directions in my mom’s kitchen for free! Oh well, better than being at home. I wanted hot water cornbread but I went ahead and stuck with some simple Jiffy. Might I add, my chicken turned out very good! Try it yourself!





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