Cancer Sucks!

It’s actually been a hard week this past week. It’s going to get even harder this week. Losing someone you love so much really sucks. I mean, it really hurts. Out of all the funerals I have been to in my life, I either didn’t know the relative, there for support, or just basically didn’t have a relationship with them. Well this time, I lost someone to cancer on Sunday that was really close to my heart. She was a friend, family, youth leader, inspiration, and so much more. She found out about her cancer 3 years ago and lets just say we all didn’t find out about it until her surgey two weeks ago. It’s taking a toll on us all. But, the bright side, it feels so great knowing that God healed her, even if it was in Heaven. She no longer has to suffer, and I must remember to tell myself that when it crosses my mind.





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