Hey blog! So last night I was watching TV and this show came on called “Atlanta Plastic.” I have never even heard of the show until that night. I would not have watched but I couldn’t find the remote and on top of that, I was comfortable. We all know we’d rather suffer watching what ever it is that comes on the TV than move out of those comfy, warm spots. So I watched it, and basically the show is about different people coming in to the plastic surgeons offices for plastic surgery. Hearing their reasons why they wanted the surgery had me like “is this guy serious right now?” For example, this lady wanted a bigger butt because she felt men would like her. She was a gorgeous lady. If you feel you need a big butt to get a man, then I feel you have some inner issues to take care of. Then, a lady was wanting a flatter tummy. The doctor told her the amount of weight she had to lose before getting this surgery or it could risk her life. So she lost the amount of pounds because she knew she would get it. My thing is, you did so good losing weight on your own, keep doing that, don’t just stop. I don’t see how people are okay with putting their life at risks, and for what? It is different options one could take. If people don’t like you because of your small butt or flat chest, then let them continue to miss out on a great person. So be great, be YOU!


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