24 Hours Without Electronics

So bloggies, my professer wanted my class to go 24 hours without cell phones, TV, computers, microwaves (he said microwave oven though,) and more. So did I make it through? I lasted for 10 hours which was only because I was busy and at work. However, I did do without and ipod, microwave, and TV. It’s kind of hard going the entire day without my phone. Not because I “can’t live without it” as people say, which by the way I think is the dumbest thing. If you feel like your life depends on cell phones and more then you need to find a hobby. Back to what I was say though, I have to check my phone in case I get an important text from someone. I am in a lot of organizations and I have positions where I can’t not be in contact. Plus, I am one of those people who check emails everyday and night. So, do you think you could last 24 hours? PS: this blog is supposed to be in my homework category that I never could figure out how to create. Maybe my professor will catch my thrift I just had there.


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