Have you ever noticed that at funerals the people reading the Eulogy or speaking of the one who is deceased always says our sister or brother has gone home to reside in Heaven with her or his father? They say that rather than died or passed away to make it a lot less painful. http://mobile.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/s/stevejobs416855.html?src=t_death  However, it really doesn’t help because we all know that that means the same thing just as the others. Today was the last time I got to see Mrs. Sarah Sanders, my youth leader, mentor, supporter, friend, and all of the above. Although it saddens me deeply, I have no doubt in my heart and mind that you’re smiling in Heaven. This is my first time losing someone whom impacted my life greatly and loved tremendously and unconditionally. I shared that to say this: If you love someone, tell them. If you are thinking about someone, tell them. If you miss someone, tell them. You never know if your next talk with someone will be the last. Do NOW rather than later. #RipMrsSarah❤️ https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ecclesiastes+3%3A1-4&version=KJV





College Made Me Cook

So blog, I think to myself every time I cook and it’s always the same thought that crosses my mind. Lets just say if I don’t learn anything else in college, I’ve learned how to cook. I am not an on-campus student so I have a stove I am paying for, so why not use it? Yeah, I can always just get a meal plan but it’s always the same food. It’s pointless to eat the same stuff every day, when I know my way around the kitchen. Here’s how I see it; Come to college, pay $6,000 for classes, useless textbooks, room & board, not learn anything special that I don’t already know, but better my skills in the kitchen. I can get cooking directions in my mom’s kitchen for free! Oh well, better than being at home. I wanted hot water cornbread but I went ahead and stuck with some simple Jiffy. http://www.jiffymix.com/product.php/12/Corn_Muffin_Mix Might I add, my chicken turned out very good! Try it yourself! http://www.mccormick.com/Recipes/Main-Dishes/Lemon-Pepper-Baked-Chicken




Cancer Sucks!

It’s actually been a hard week this past week. It’s going to get even harder this week. Losing someone you love so much really sucks. I mean, it really hurts. Out of all the funerals I have been to in my life, I either didn’t know the relative, there for support, or just basically didn’t have a relationship with them. Well this time, I lost someone to cancer on Sunday that was really close to my heart. She was a friend, family, youth leader, inspiration, and so much more. She found out about her cancer 3 years ago and lets just say we all didn’t find out about it until her surgey two weeks ago. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/script/main/mobileart-emh.asp?articlekey=58782&page=1 It’s taking a toll on us all. But, the bright side, it feels so great knowing that God healed her, even if it was in Heaven. She no longer has to suffer, and I must remember to tell myself that when it crosses my mind. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Peter+5%3A10&version=ESV




United Voices

How is it going bloggers? I haven’t been on here in what seems like FOREVER! Usually when I get out the shower I get beyond sleepy….but that doesn’t seem like the case tonight. I am wide awake! So why not blog? Well tonight was our second night of rehersals for United Voices.https://instagram.com/unitedvoicesatu/  It went pretty good. One of the songs we sing was heard by the writer of it. Someone sent the video to him and now he is going to come out to our Fall concert. Well, he was until something got in the way. Anywho, that is all I have to say on this post!(: Make sure to check us out!  https://www.facebook.com/UnitedVoicesATU/



Monday's rehearsal !

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24 Hours Without Electronics

So bloggies, my professer wanted my class to go 24 hours without cell phones, TV, computers, microwaves (he said microwave oven though,) and more. So did I make it through? I lasted for 10 hours which was only because I was busy and at work. However, I did do without and ipod, microwave, and TV. It’s kind of hard going the entire day without my phone. Not because I “can’t live without it” as people say, which by the way I think is the dumbest thing. If you feel like your life depends on cell phones and more then you need to find a hobby. Back to what I was say though, I have to check my phone in case I get an important text from someone. I am in a lot of organizations and I have positions where I can’t not be in contact. Plus, I am one of those people who check emails everyday and night. So, do you think you could last 24 hours? PS: this blog is supposed to be in my homework category that I never could figure out how to create. Maybe my professor will catch my thrift I just had there.


Hey blog! So last night I was watching TV and this show came on called “Atlanta Plastic.” I have never even heard of the show until that night. I would not have watched but I couldn’t find the remote and on top of that, I was comfortable. We all know we’d rather suffer watching what ever it is that comes on the TV than move out of those comfy, warm spots. So I watched it, and basically the show is about different people coming in to the plastic surgeons offices for plastic surgery. Hearing their reasons why they wanted the surgery had me like “is this guy serious right now?” For example, this lady wanted a bigger butt because she felt men would like her. She was a gorgeous lady. If you feel you need a big butt to get a man, then I feel you have some inner issues to take care of. Then, a lady was wanting a flatter tummy. The doctor told her the amount of weight she had to lose before getting this surgery or it could risk her life. So she lost the amount of pounds because she knew she would get it. My thing is, you did so good losing weight on your own, keep doing that, don’t just stop. I don’t see how people are okay with putting their life at risks, and for what? It is different options one could take. If people don’t like you because of your small butt or flat chest, then let them continue to miss out on a great person. So be great, be YOU!


So check this out; Kim Davis has been released from jail from refusing the issue of a same-sex marriage license.http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/08/politics/kim-davis-same-sex-marriage-kentucky/  From my research, she gets to keep her job but must not interfere with same-sex marriage licenses. If you ask me, her jailing could have been avoided if she REALLY followed God’s word. Yes, the Bible does not condone homosexuality; but it also speaks on how we are not supposed to judge others which was exactly what she did. http://biblehub.com/james/4-12.htm  If she had any common sense, she would know that the best thing we can do for someone in that life is to pray for them, rather than telling them it is wrong and they are not supposed to live like that. I’m very sure they are aware but if that is who they are, then we as a people need to accept that and if we cannot, mind our own business. As a young Christian lady, I know homosexuality is wrong, but I will not judge them because of it. That’s where us “Christians” mess up at. We can sit there and tell someone of their wrong doing and think our sin is better than theirs. At the end of the day, a sin is a sin. Sorry, but she was wrong for denying them their rights. It was almost as if she was trying to play God. If she feels compelled to tell gay couples that living that lifestyle is wrong, then that’s her business. But denying right’s, that kind of crossed the line for me. God knows that you know that homosexuality isn’t condoned, so let him deal with them, not you (you being Kim Davis). Maybe I feel this way because of my brother’s lifestyle. I wouldn’t want his rights to be denied to him. He is still human like the rest of us. But honestly, putting myself in Kim’s shoes, I can see where you were coming from. At the end of the day, you just can’t force someone to change. That’s something that they have to do when they are ready.

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Think Before You Judge

Hello there blog viewers. The sermon from yesterday somehow just crossed my mind. The message came from Hebrews 10: 19-25. The basis of it was encouragement. Life in general would be so much better if we encourage one another rather than trying to be in competition with the next person, and tearing them down. He also mentioned that we are not perfect and cannot continue to talk about someone and judge them. All we can do is pray that God delivers them. So the next time you feel like knocking someone down, imagine if that were you. Can you honestly say it does not get to you even just a little when someone tries to tear you down? Think about that next time. Be back later!


Nicki vs. Miley

Now I know that we all saw the VMAs this passed Sunday night. Well all of us that doesn’t have Sudden Link of course. Well shoot, I have Sudden Link; yet I still managed to watch that part though. Anyways, back to my scoop. So usually you don’t thank your pastor and then curse someone out all in the same breath. Well, Nicki Minaj did not seem to care when she surprised Miley with a very special “thank you.” http://www.tmz.com/2015/08/30/nicki-minaj-explodes-at-miley-cyrus-you-bitch-video?adid=TMZ_Search_Results Miley supposedly downed Nicki in an interview she had and Nicki called her out on it. If you asked me, Miley threw her shade and was not even phased by Nicki. So who really won the battle? I say it was a tie but I am ready for a round 2! Bye bye!



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